IT & Digital services support

Citizens’ house offers free IT- and digital services support tuesdays and thursdays 12am to 2pm. You can get help and guidance on smartphones, tablets and computers. IT-support also offers help on other times when on site and not otherwise occupied. You can also get help and guidance at Citizens’ houses internet cafe on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Before arriving at IT-support, make sure you have all the necessary cables and other peripherals for your device, as well as all the necessary passwords for the services you seek help in.

Any disruptions to the service can be seen in the events calendar here.

Issues that we can’t handle include:

  • Banking, you can get advice how to get and install mobile banking software on your device but beyond that you have to refer to your bank.

  • Repairing defective or broken devices, for example broken laptop keyboards or broken screens on smartphones.

  • Smartphone factory resets if the device belongs to someone other than the individual, unless the previous owner is present and has the necessary identifying information for the device.

  • Windows operating system upgrades

Contact information:

Kimmo Karhu




IT-support for associations

Social- and health associations can request IT-support and guidance. You can read more at North-Karelia social security association’s website.

Contact information:

Ville-Matti Nikkonen


Siltakatu 20 A 11, 80100 Joensuu

Phone: 050-3788527