Gambling support

Gambling support produces and disiminates information on digital and other forms of gambling, the harms of gambling and detrimental internet usage. The goal of the project is the development of different methods in gambling and harmful internet behavior recognition, prevention and treatment in co-operation with different organizations in middle- and eastern-Finland.

Gambling support is provided by Sovatek-foundation in co-operation with Kuopio-crisis centre and the Kirkkopalvelujen addiction work development unit.

Gambling support includes.

-Information eventson : Gabling, digital gambling and detrimental internet usage.

-Educational training

-Local co-operation projects

-Participation in events and campaigns

The gambling support helpdesk operates without reservation during mondays from 12-15 at Citizens’ house. You can visit the helpdesk to chat if your are curious about gambling or if you are concerned about your own or someone elses gambling, or if you encounter gambling related questions during your work.



More information about gambling support: