Conference spaces for rent

Conference room

Citizens’ house conference room can be used both day and night-times. The space can comfortably fit aproximately 25 people, more if needed. The space has its own independent entrance from Torikatu. The space also has a big screen for presentations.

For a small fee you can also use the copier.

Associations and peer support groups – 27,50€ / per meeting

Others – 55€ / per meeting


Citizens’ Cafe

The Citizens’ cafe can be used as a conference space when Citizens’ house is closed. Cozy and spacious cafe suits well for even bigger groups. The space can fit around 50 people comfortably, even more if needed.

Associations and peer support groups – 55€ /per meeting

Others – 110 / per meeting


Yearly usage fee is 110€ (includes 12 meetings max, meetings that exceed that are negotiated separately)

Reservations should be made well in advance by contacting Soroppi at 0400 264 172