Citizens’ cafe

people at the cafeCitizens’ house operates a cozy cafe Soroppi, where you’ll find snacks as well as company. The cafe serves coffee, tea, juice, baked goods and sandwiches. You can determine how much you want to pay yourself. You can also rest and read a book or a magazine, which you can also borrow to read at home. At Soroppi you’ll always find happy people and someone to talk to.

For a small fee you can also use the copier.

At the cafe you can also find self care point, where you can measure your blood pressure, blood sugar, height and weight free of charge. Additionally cholesterol measurement is available for 2€ fee, and if the darkness makes you feel anxious, you can try bright light therapy.

The cafe also houses one of the rarities of the city, a free toilet which you can use at your leisure.

Bike rentals are done through the cafe, and everyone is welcome to come and volunteer for the cafe or other Soroppi ry functions.

Rocking chair quests appear occasionally to answer questions, mostly mondays. These quests include local politicians, representatives, celebrities and other currently topical people.

Every other wednesday, Soroppi organizes the citizens’ dance; aimed at everyone, with live music in the middle of the day.

Welcome aboard!