Joensuu’s Citizens’ house’s web-site is under law conserning digital services provided on the site. The site must meet the standards A & AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1-criteria.

This accessibilityreport has been published on septemper 21st 2020. North-Karelia social-security association has tested the accessibility of the site using Google Lighthouse- and wave-addons.

The state of the accessibility of digital services -site meets most of the accessibility criteria

Digital services that are not accessible

Concerning files needed for services, that were uploaded before septemper 23th 2018, we will amend these files to be accessible. We will amend files as they are updated.

Feedback and contact information concerning accessibility

Did you spot an error concerning accessibility on our site? Please contact us and we will do our best to fix it.

You have the right to receive information, that you need to resolve or execute your benefits, rights or responsibilities in an accessible form. You can request the information you need in an accessible form and give feedback concerning accessibility via e-mail at: We will answer your request in 14 days. If the request concerns a wider collection of content, we can prolong our answer by 2 weeks at most.

Supervising authority

If you spot an accessibility problem at the site, please contact us, the maintainer of the site, first. An answer may take up to 14 days. If your are not happy about the answer provided or if you do not get an answer in 2 weeks, you can make a report to the Southern-Finland Regional goverment agency. At the Southern-Finland Regional goverment agency, you will be provided instructions how to make a report and how the matter will be handled.

Supervising authority contact information:

Southern-Finland Regional goverment agency
Accessibility overight unit
Phone switch: 0295 016 000