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Kansalaistalon logoThe Community Resource Center is the main arena for organisations, groups, volunteers and voluntary work – for many kinds of citizens’ own activities. There are about 600-1000 visitors in the center every week.  Check the fotos
The aims of the center are:

  • to support voluntary work
  • to develop co-operation and create dialogue between the public welfare system and the activities of the voluntary sector
  • to promote partnership orientation in community
  • to develop regional social and health policies to create and
  • to develop new initiatives and innovations that increase welfare and decrease exclusion

The Community Resource Center is financed by The Finnish Federation for Social Welfare and Health and Soroppi. Both organisations receive financial support from The Finnish Slot Machine Association. In addition the city of Joensuu supports the activities in the community center.

The information society for all

There is  a cafe as a meeting place in the center run by volunteers from Soroppi. One of the Cafes function is the Internet Cafe.

The main goals of the internet cafe are:

  • To contribute citizens possibilities in using information technology
  • To provide guidance and training especially for elderly and people with disabilities
  • To develop the up to date communication network for 3. Sector: non-governmental organisations and other voluntary groups etc.

In the internet cafe there are:

  • Seven computers with free internet connections
  • A printer, a copying machine, a fax for citizens and voluntary groups to use
  • Guidance and training for users
  • Internet groups for elderly and disabled, immigrants and other minorities

The Finnish Federation for Social Welfare and Health / North Carelia

Elina Pajula, Co-ordinator, mobile phone: + 358-50-558 7460,
E-mail: elina.pajula(at)
Address: Torikatu 30 B 22, 80100 Joensuu

Soroppi – Meeting place for all

Soroppi runs the cafeteria with the help of volunteers. Many kind of help is offered for people in need. In the cafe you can spend time, read papers, have some coffee, meet your friends, take up new hobbies, have meetings and receive information about different kind of things.

Each year approximately 100 different groups and organisations meet at CC. Regular users are for example self help groups such as Gamblers anonymous or groups of drug addicts and Russian immigrants. Furthermore local Red Cross organises many activities at CC.

Contact person of Soroppi:  Marko Haakana, executive director,  telephone: + 358-13-223 712
E-mail: marko.haakana(at)
Address: Torikatu 30, 80100 Joensuu

The Center for Voluntary Help Services

is built up of various functions. Workers are mostly volunteers.

Drop in-place
It gives social support, information and help for problems.  Workers and volunteers from A-Clinic (services for alcoholics), social work, Church, Red Cross etc are to be met in the drop in place

Food Support service
Food Support service is for households which have financial problems. Delivered food is free of charge. The service is organised by the co operation of Red Cross and Church.

Help Service
Service gives help quickly for people in need. A volunteer goes to a person and assists for example old people or people with disabilities. Volunteers do for example shopping and small household activities.

Befriending service
This service delivers friends for lonely people. “Friends” visit homes and institutions or may accompany for example in the health centre. Red Cross is responsible for the befriending service.  Financial help of the Red Cross
In accidental situations Red Cross gives guidance and practical help for those in need. Help might be for example clothes, food and services like accommodation or mental support.